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OneSea provides full turnkey floating hydrogen production solutions.

Our business model de-risks client's financial exposure and offers a fixed rate solution that guarantees the delivery of the committed product output.


Our vision is a sustainable community where renewable energy and hydrogen are seamlessly integrated to support a low-carbon society.


​Our mission is to build a hydrogen and renewable energy society based on offshore infrastructures. By using the sea, we can free our drinking water and land to nature and to sustainable agriculture practices.


Our integrity and the sustainability of our business practices drive us to act transparently and maintain commitments while ensuring that the safety of people and care of environment are a constant in our deliveries.


The OneSea team offers their experience in developing complex projects, their knowledge of offshore floating systems and their records of delivering and operating production units in the most challenging areas of the globe.

OneSea team aims to be a catalyst that leads the energy transition to achieve a net-zero society.

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